On January 14th, JBJ came back with their second mini album, True Colors, featuring their title track, “My Flower.”

When I first saw the teasers and heard the name of the title track, I have to admit, I was a little worried. Their first song “Fantasy” had a dark, sultry sound and feel and I loved that. So I was worried JBJ was going in a completely different direction with this comeback and going in a cuter direction. But I wasn’t completely wrong.

“My Flower” has a much brighter, softer video and sound, yet it still keeps a hint of sultry really keeping that signature JBJ feeling to it. It adds a much more upbeat and dancier feel. The video also showcases the playfulness of the members as they goof off with one another and make cute faces. But of course, the boys never disappoint. It’s still full of powerful dance moves and their gazes into the camera make you a little weak in the knees. And of course, Hyunbin’s deep voice that makes anything sound sexy. It is truly the best of both worlds. All in all, it’s cute and completely different from their previous song “Fantasy,” but it still embodies classic JBJ, and is an amazing song.

JBJ is a temporary group formed from 6 different talent agency’s trainees/idols that appeared on Mnet’s hit TV show “Produce 101.” They don’t have a set contract length, so no one knows when they will disband. Since JBJ’s member Taehyun is apart of another kpop group called “Hotshot” as well as Sungwoon, a member from a temporary group “Wanna One” which is set to disband in December of this year, we can only assume JBJ will disband in the same timeframe as members return to their original groups.

However long JBJ will be around, we will just look forward to what they will bring us in that time. And so far, so great! Be sure to check out their comeback song”My Flower” and their previous release “Fantasy” down below!