If you’ve ever been to a concert, then you know the exhilaration of screaming along to your favorite songs live. You probably also know the notorious ringing in your ears for a few hours after the show is over.

Although your ears may seem indestructible because you have been to a few concerts or practice sessions and your hearing has quickly gone back to normal, they are not. You are still incurring serious damage on them. You may think that earplugs will take away the experience of a concert or prevent you from hearing your bandmates during practice; however, this is not the case. Let me put some things in perspective.

The average conversation volume hovers at around 60 decibels. Hearing loss begins at 85 decibels. A rock concert can be up to 120. Each additional 3 decibels will cause you to lose your hearing twice as fast. If a noise is at 97 decibels, for example, a person could experience hearing loss in 30 minutes. If a noise is at 100 decibels, they could lose their hearing in 15 minutes. See the importance of earplugs now?

Don’t worry. Most earplugs aren’t designed to completely block out all sound. You can still fully enjoy a concert and maintain good hearing for a decent portion of your life. Your ears are an organ, and like any other organ, they need to be taken care of.

In addition to protecting your hearing at concerts, you should not listen to your music at too high a volume with headphones because that’s extremely loud noise being blasted right against your eardrums. Younger people are losing their hearing at a faster rate than older people because of the volumes at which we listen to our music.


If you are wondering about what kind of earplugs you should buy, here are some examples.

These earplugs can reduce sounds up to 32 decibels, meaning if a sound is at 92 decibels, they can bring them down to 60 decibels. Also, if you deal with a loud snorer at home, they are comfortable to sleep with. $8.99

This pair comes with a cord that makes them harder to lose. They reduce sounds up to 26 decibels, and you get 12 pairs in your order. $13.99

These plugs come with a case and are optimized for musicians when they practice. They filter out background noise and decrease sound up to 26 decibels as well. $12.97

Overall, earplugs aren’t just for old people and babies. If anything, you have to make sure that your hearing is at the top of its game, especially if you love music.