Hard Feelings | Bless The Fall
4.0Overall Score

Since 2004 with their then singer Craig Mabbitt, Blessthefall have made a splash in the scene and continue to assert their presence today. Even with a slight line-up change, the metalcore veterans continue to push themselves with heavier and even more powerful songs. Blessthefall has a knack for writing quick fast paced songs with complex guitar patterns while switching back and forth from oddly timed breakdowns to melodic choruses that seem to mesh well, much like in their 2013 release “Hollow Bodies”, which showed off some of the heaviest songs they’ve ever written. As years go on and as the band grows so does their style, after joining Rise Records last year, Blessthefall has returned with “Hard Feelings”, a much more polished styled album then what they’ve done before.

Right off the bat, “Hard Feelings” has a different feel to it. The opener Wishful Sinking is a familiar sounding song but has a very different feel to it, it’s more melodic and makes use of the synthesizer quit well.  Blessthefall has been consistent all throughout the year with heavy songs with potent breakdowns and all their albums share those styles and it worked for them, but “Hard Feelings” is the first time the band has decided to take a completely different approach to making the album. It’s the lightest album they’ve put out, gone are the days of those breakdowns and those vicious growls from bassists Jared Warth. Those things won’t be missed because of the use of synth blends in well with rock music playing along with it. Even though it’s a different sounding album they don’t stray too far from what they know. Along with Wish Sinking, songs like Melodramatic and Cutthrought are the heaviest songs and the most Blessthefall sounding songs they have on album, however on the other side songs like Find Yourself and Sakura Blues are departure from the “To Those Left Behind” and “Hollow Bodies” songs and have more melodic and electronic influences in them.

All in all ‘Hard Feelings” is a bigger package, each song has a larger scope to them from having massive orchestra vibes in the background to large synth tones soaring over the immense guitar work. The feel in general of this record is epic, everything about this album is big and fast. It doesn’t slow down until the last song. This new direction the Phoenix natives have taken is a welcoming one, the atmosphere of the album is new and refreshing and even though it’s a little softer than their previous work they clearly have the idea of how good change can be.

Hard Feelings is out now, check out their Facebook for more details.