March 21st, the “Lost in Translation” tour hit Lincoln Theatre like a ton of bricks. The cold North Carolina “spring” air did not stop fans from lining up early to be guaranteed a spot at the stage for their favorite band. Fans of all ages crowded the stage in anticipation.

The night started out with “The Wrecks” bringing their energy in dance form. Throughout the set the crowd helps sing along and clap to the beat of the songs off of their new EP, “Panic Vertigo” as well as a few old favorites. Nothing stopped frontman, Nick Anderson, from getting down in the crowd of fans to jump and sing with them. As this was the second time seeing them, their stage presence has only grown stronger.

As Dreamers went on, the crowd buzzed more and grew in size. The 3 piece group went above and beyond the energy from the crowd. The highlight of the set was their cover of The Cranberries “Zombie”. The mellowed out version of the song sparked familiarity into the minds of many in attendance and prompted a singalong.

What better way to break the tension in the room than a group singalong in between the sets? The familiar notes of Panic! At the Disco’s “Death of a Bachelor” rang throughout the venue, and in no time the whole crowd was singing along.

The main act of the night was next, and the anticipation between sets was killing the now packed room.It was no time before the whole crowd had matched the energy New Politics brought to the stage. David Boyd was a constant jumping bean across the small stage, interacting with not only his band mates, but the crowd as well.