Ever wonder what Star Wars would sound like if it was done metal? Well, you’re in luck with the band Galactic Empire. What started out as just a metal cover of the Imperial March, ended up being a full-length album that would feature some of the most iconic Star Wars songs that have ever been recorded. This band was very adamant that they got every note of every song transposed the right way, so they took every song piece by piece and turned it into a metal masterpiece. It helps to have the producing chops that these guys have with running their own production company, but these guys are also incredibly talented in their respective instruments.

    If I was to describe the sound of the band, I would describe with an atmospheric feel to it. The way they use the blast beats in songs like “Duel of the Fates” and “Battle of the Heroes” it has that atmospheric death metal sound that fits perfectly with the theme of the songs. Every song has its own feel to it, there’s no feeling that it’s just another metal song. They took the time to make sure that they didn’t add anything unnecessary to any of the songs, they didn’t recondition them, they made sure that they made every song sound just like the way John Williams had made it. Outside of the obvious tone difference with the crunchy guitars, the songs would almost be exactly like how they would appear in the film. If someone gave me a choice and I could either listen to the original soundtrack or these guys, and as legendary as John Williams’ score is, I would have to go with Galactic Empire’s version, simply for the fact that they could easily write and record Star Wars music that would sound awesome that would fit in quite well with the movie. I will say its hard to capture just the raw emotion that the Star Wars soundtrack offers the moviegoer, but these guys do a really good job of keeping that emotion in all the songs.

     One aspect of the band that I really enjoy is their live performance. They dress up in the various aspects of the Galactic Empire ranks, from storm troopers to Darth Vader they have it all in costume. Its cool too, because they become the character they portray on stage and have a whole performance based on that. They became one of my go-to bands to see live due to my love of Star Wars and the music these guys play, it’s amazing what they can do considering they are behind a helmet the whole show and play 100% flawlessly. I would recommend this band to anyone who likes the music of Star Wars, metal music and anyone who enjoys a good performance. There are bands that just don’t translate well to a live performance when they are a themed band, but this one works and I’m glad they are around as they make fantastic music!