It may be because WrestleMania, but I have had WWE on my mind as of late.  I have been thinking about what makes a good superstar, what about them sets them apart from the dozens of other wrestlers on the roster? What is it about these superstars that makes the WWE so thrilling to watch? Then it hit me, it is the presence of the wrestlers themselves.

Each superstar goes out to the ring and they have this air about them that draws a viewer in just to see what they can do. This all happens before they even compete and it is, in part, because of their music. It is their individual entrance themes that makes people want to watch them and see what they can do. Upon realizing this, I was inspired to make a list of the most impressive entrance themes in the WWE.

10. Bray Wyatt “Live in Fear”

Out of the entire roster of the WWE, “Live in Fear” is probably the creepiest. Its calm and almost soothing tone make for an unnerving rhythm as the lyrics of the song are introduced. It reminds me of the kind of music one would attribute to a swampy landscape in a horror movie: calm and seemingly peaceful with a hidden, and potentially deadly, secret.  While it is difficult to make out the lyrics themselves, the sound of them creates an ominous feeling.  A perfect reflection of Bray Wyatt himself.

9. Randy Orton “Voices”

While not the heaviest theme, or even the loudest, “Voices” has earned its spot on my list. While I am partial to the rock aspect of the song, it is the lyrics that truly speak out and reflect the Viper, Randy Orton.  “All the judges, you are guilty. All the bosses, I will fire…” It is lines like these that showcase Orton’s own ruthlessness, both to his competitors and authority.  This theme quite literally tells everyone just what Randy Orton thinks of them and what he will do if they dare cross the Viper.

8. Finn Bálor “Catch Your Breath”

There are not many themes out there that can get an audience up and on their feet like “Catch Your Breath” does. Its loud brass sound hits with such an intensity that it feels like your breath is taken away. That followed by the heavy yet bright chorus makes it seem like the very heavens are crying out for Finn Bálor.  It is no wonder that this theme makes everyone raise their arms towards his superstar.

7. Shinsuke Nakamura “The Rising Sun”

Shinsuke Nakamura, since the first time I saw him perform, has had something unique him that just makes him fun to watch. His fighting style, his moves, even the way he walks to the ring screams unorthodox, something that was expertly captured in “The Rising Sun”. The use of violins, an instrument that is usually used in Classical music, then the fall into an almost Techno-like sound creates an interesting mix that sets it, and Nakamura, apart from the rest.

6. Asuka “The Future”

The title of this theme says it all. Since Asuka’s appearance in the WWE, she has made a name for herself as the ‘Empress of Tomorrow’. She has carved her name into the face of the WWE that will most certainly last for years to come. As her music’s lively, radical, unique, and almost futuristic sound states, Asuka is energetic, unconventional, and one of a kind. She believes herself to be the future and I would have to agree.

5. Charlotte Flair “Recognition”

Everything about “Recognition” screams ‘powerful’. From the build-ups to the heavy bass and drum riffs, this music puts Charlotte on a pedestal before she even competes. Words fail to describe just how it does it, but this theme creates a pressure that makes Charlotte, not intimidating, but seem strong. Which she is, but its almost as if it is magnified to the point where she becomes unbeatable. A perfect feeling for the Queen to possess.

4. John Cena “The Time is Now”

While “The Time is Now”, is not the type of music that I typically listen to, I cannot put this theme on my list. “The Time is Now” is an ode to John Cena, speaking of his confidence and determination. Each word speaks to how it is his time how, no matter who he faces, John Cena will stand above them, victorious. It is this feeling of confidence, I believe, that makes John Cena such an iconic figure, not just as a wrestler, but as an inspiration to people all around the world that, when working hard enough, you can reach your dreams.

3. The Undertaker “Rest in Peace”

First off, the name “Rest in Peace” is perfect for the ‘Dead Man’ of the WWE. The music is almost like that of a funeral march that explodes into a dark chorus that speaks to the etherealness that seems to surround the Undertaker. This, coupled with the tolling bell, creates an atmosphere that seems to say “your time has come’. Not to mention that the complete darkness and flashes of light give a biblical-wrath-of-God type feeling to the music that makes the Undertaker the phenom that he is.

2. Nia Jax “Force of Greatness”

Nia Jax’s theme tells a lot about who she is as a person. She is someone that is comfortable in her own skin and will not tolerate those that look down upon her. She is a force that cannot be stopped and “Force of Greatness” states this in its lyrics. “…I’m not like most girls, who only take it all for granted. All they got is what they’re handed. Lucky for me, I’m not like most girls…” These lyrics set Nia Jax apart from everyone else, setting her up as an all-powerful force that will rise above all others, which, at the end of the day, she does.

1. Daniel Bryan “Flight of the Valkyries”

This theme…it has become so much more than just an entrance theme. It became the sound of a movement that led hundreds of people to storm the ring all in support of one wrestler. They all cried out “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, telling Daniel Bryan that he can and will overcome, a testament to not only the bearded wrestler but to people everywhere. For me, the Yes Movement, as it is called, sparks a feeling of confidence that tells the listener not to listen to what others say, to go out and reach their dreams, no matter what stands in your way. “Flight of the Valkyries” has become associated with this belief and that is why I believe it deserves to be number one.