Deathcore veterans Impending Doom have returned from their two-year hiatus with their new single “The Wretched and Godless”. The return was well worth the wait as the band has not skipped a beat and still produces the same heaviness that Impending Doom has been known for. The single starts off with a haunting siren that blends in with the thrashing guitars and the gravely growl that the genre is well known for. The lyrics deal with a world that has been thrown into chaos and darkness, its the kind of lyrics Impending Doom are known for with their dark and sometimes apocalyptic lyrics. The ending proves that with the line, “Sometimes I wouldn’t blame God if he lit the world on fire” with this feeling of seeing how broken and a chaos-driven world that if it was to end then the writer wouldn’t be mad if it all ended. I’ve always appreciated these guys in how they write their lyrics with a sort of encouragement, but also songs about how the world has fallen.


With this single release and subsequent album to release these guys have proved that their heaviness has not faded and they will always bring the heavy. They may not have been the most famous or the most successful band, but they always put out great music and always had a great live show even if doing death metal growls for 20+ years have taken a toll on the vocals. I’m excited to see what the rest of the album entails and what direction they take. If this single is any indication I believe it has an album of the year potential for the metal genre. I believe this album will be a great follow up to Baptized in Filth and will continue to have great success for the band. It has always been fascinating to me that they are only a 4 piece and can keep up their heavy style with only one guitarist and the growls have always been top notch. It sounds weird to say that they are a band to watch since they have been around for so long, but they are definitely a band to keep an eye out for in the coming months and years.