We all know the music genres like Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Classical, but what about the ones we have not heard of? Lately, I have been exploring the lesser known genres of the world and, let me tell you, there are some crazy ones out there.  After listening to hours of music, I wanted to present my own thoughts on the music that I have found.  That is why I created the list of the top five most bizarre music genres out there.

5. Nintendocore

The name of this genre says it all. This musical style is an amalgamation of chiptune music (synthesized electronic music made for vintage computers and classic arcade games) with modern day Punk and Heavy Metal that was titled as a joke by Horse the Band, a Metalcore group. The genre frequently features the use of drum kits, synthesizers, electric guitars, and other instruments common in typical Rock.  While Horse the Band coined the official name of this genre, several other bands, including The Advantage and Minibosses, have delved into this genre, creating a nostalgic sound that reminds many of the 80’s and 90’s.

4. Pirate Metal

A subgenre of Heavy Metal, Pirate Metal incorporates the mythology and folklore of pirates within its music. The lyrics, typically, are full of “pirate talk” combined with traditional sounding sea shanties. Folk instruments, like the concertina, are either used or mimicked through the use of synthesizers to create a sound that reminds people of the sea. A large part of the Pirate Metal genre comes from the physical performance of the music itself with the members of the band dressing up like pirates, creating a “music scene” as referred to by the media. Notable bands like Running Wild, the German Heavy Metal band that created the genre, and Alestorm do this.

3. Folk Punk

While this genre was pioneered in the 80’s, many forget that Folk Punk existed. As the name suggests, this music style is a fusion of Folk and Punk Rock. It was made popular in Britain by The Pogues and in the U.S. by Violent Femmes. As this style incorporates folk music, a lot of the tones and rhythms that possess a traditional quality to them using instruments as mandolins, accordions, and banjos. However, despite the name and the sound, this genre uses relatively little actual traditional music.

2. Folktronica

Like with Folk Punk, Folktronica is a fusion of Folk and a modern sound, that sound being Electronic. In this genre, acoustic instruments, typically strings, are incorporated with the lively stylings of Hip Hop or dance-like rhythms. Folktronica is described as a “catch-all for all manner of artists who have combines mechanical dance beats with elements of Acoustic Rock of Folk” by The Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Musicology. This first band reported to use this genre was Four Tet with their album Pause.

1. Cuddlecore

This genre is probably one of the oddest styles of music I have listened to. It is a subgenre of Indie Pop that combines Guitar Pop with DIY Ethic.  Cuddlecore originated from British Post-Punk in the late 70’s, with the forefronts of the genre being Bunnygrunt and Cub in the 90’s, and is a lot less abrasive and angsty than the typical Punk genre. In fact, most lyrics feature the concept of lost love, heartbreak, and all the lovey-dovey stuff that make for an incredibly mushy Romantic film. More often than not, the music of this genre is incredibly melodic and soothing. In other words, it is Punk without the Punk. It is this…uniqueness that leads me to deem Cuddlecore as the most bizarre genre of music that I have ever heard.