Put It On; Show It Off | Liis
4.3Overall Score

Dark pop pair Liis brings both haunting and charming vibes to their debut EP, Put It On; Show It Off. The group consists of Lisa Haagen and Dana Cargioli, who both play the role of guitarist and vocalist. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, these girls combine folky alternative rock and emotional pop to create a peaceful, easy listening experience. 

With sparse instrumentation and delicate reverb, each of the girls’ voices gets to truly blossom and come to the forefront of the mix. “Put It On; Show It Off” especially puts their voices on display with its gentle electric guitar providing such a nice backdrop for the lyrics and tone color to shine through. Their voices are soft and unaggressive, but they can get more intense in songs like “Tease,” but go back to the somber bedroom woes in tracks like “Cigarettes,” which are reminiscent of Halsey and Julien Baker. 

The harmonies between the voices are pleasing to the ear and meaningful; the two are supporting each other both sonically and lyrically. To reinforce the meaning of the lyrics, the other vocalist will come in with a warm harmony to drive the point home even further. In “Thief,” the harmonies can almost sound a little country-esque with the way they rise and fall. The girls’ voices blend well together; neither one consistently overpowers the other if it is not her turn to sing lead. 

Although only the single “Thief” is out right now, you have to wait to see what else Liis can bring you. Their inviting voices and summery arrangements are soothing yet mesmerizing, and they will deserve a place on your playlists. If you’re in the LA area, catch them at Hotel Café for their EP release show on May 12th. Keep an eye out for the official release of Put It On; Show It Off. 

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