Eager Hearts EP | Lost in Society
4.0Overall Score

Lost in Society is an emerging pop punk band from Asbury Park, New Jersey. The band consists of Zach Moyle on lead vocals and lead guitar, Nick Ruroede on bass, and Hector Bonora on drums. Recently signed to Wiretap Records, the group released their newest EP, Eager Heart on May 25, 2018.
The driving power and intensity of the EP is immediately heard from the first few chords of “Eager Heart.” Moyle’s vocals are gruff yet sincere. The bridge explodes with excitement, tension, and raging harmonies. “Creature” has a slightly brighter sound, but the lyrics are a little more sorrowful. Lines like “I feel so fucking useless” and “I don’t wanna be a part of this / I think I’m gonna die” give insight into a personal struggle with one’s surroundings or current life situation. The songs are relatable to the growing pains that the majority of the pop punk audience is experiencing.

Photo Credit: Mallory Turner

“Stop Me Again” is the perfect mixture of hardcore and beach vibes, which may sound strange, but just give it a listen and you’ll understand. The chorus cries out, “I’m not your hero, baby / I’m not the one you deserve.” Part of growing up is self-evaluation, and these songs delve deep into self-criticism and self-awareness. The bridge brings a moment of tenderness and vulnerability, which allows the song to have some dynamic range and a change of mood.

The next song on the EP “Fuck Boy” seems to be a further elaboration on why “I’m not the one you deserve.” The instrumental breaks are reminiscent of early 2000s rock, something that none of us can get enough of. Lastly, “Kid” is the most anthemic of them all. The lyric “I don’t believe that people can change” is filled with so much angst and conviction. It reminds you of all the times you have been wronged by people, and your faith in humanity faltered a little.

Overall, this is an EP filled with catchy, pop punk tunes that speak to the plight of small town rock enthusiasts. With a blend of honesty and high energy, this EP is a great representation of what Lost in Society can do. If you want to keep up with these guys, follow them on social media, and check out their music!

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