It’s funny.  Listening to music is such a normal everyday occurrence that we don’t even think twice about doing it, but why is that?  Why is it that we listen to music?  What do we get out of it?  What does music do for us?  Well, I may not have a definite answer, but I can make an educated guess as to why music has become such an integral part of everyday life.

  1. Relaxation

This one was a given.  In everyday media, there is a constant of flow of statements about how music is capable of calming even the most intense of emotions.  It can be used to relieve, or rather, manage stress to a tolerable level and, in several medical practices, has been reported to calm a patient and promote healing.  Needless to say, music is a good relaxant, after all, music does soothe the savage beast.

  1. Promotes Thought

From my own personal experience, music definitely allows me to think clearer.  As an aspiring novelist, I constantly listen to music as I write.  I find that it allows me to better concentrate on my work, more so then working in absolute silence.  I don’t know the science behind this phenomenon, but I can reason that it creates a mental state that can clear the mind and promote thought, thus allowing for a wider form of mental expression.

  1. Concentration

Similarly to point two, music can create a mental calm within a listener.  As I am sure many of those reading this article know, music can affectively block out outside sounds, hence why the MP3 player and the iPod were created.  With the outside world effectively blocked out, one can think without interruption or distractions, allowing for more complete and well thought out thoughts.

  1. Makes Time Go Quicker

Many people, myself included, tend to pass the time by listening to music.  One doesn’t need to be doing anything to listen to music.  Sometimes, you just listen to it to pass the time, just like watching TV.  I even listen to music while doing chores and, despite time not actually accelerating, it feels like time is going faster than it would be without music.

  1. Enjoyment

By far the most obvious reason as to why we listen to music.  I mean, this is the entire reason we go out to concerts: we want to enjoy ourselves.  Music, at its core, is for our enjoyment, to allow the listener the ability to escape from our reality.  To create a distraction from our everyday lives so that we can fully relax and enter a world where there is no fear or worry.  Our own personal utopia.