How did you come up with the name “Trees Will Tell”?

 When we were just starting the band, we were searching for a name like crazy, and one day, I was sitting on a park, waiting for my wife to arrive, when I start paying attention to the trees around me. And we were changing season here in Spain, so I could see the trees changing, the leafs turning colors, things dying and things growing. Then, I saw the tree trunk and I could see things written with a knife, and it was in that moment that I realized all the things trees can tell us if we pay attention. They’re all telling a story. they’re all teaching us something. Some of them are so old. It’s actually pretty amazing

 How do you describe your style of music? Rock? Hard-Rock?

 Living in the era of the hashtag, where everybody seems so desperate to have a tag and be called something, it can be so hard to actually put a label on music. Everybody that hears our band, relates it to something different. In general terms, yes, we are a rock band, and if we go deeper, yes, we scream and have heavy parts, so we could be technically a hard rock band, but “hard rock” is also an specific genre for a type of rock music so much different from what we do. I guess, if you ask me, we are a Post Hardcore/Post-Rock band, or at least on the old school definition of those genres. Nowadays I don’t know. on an interview I did some time ago, I told the story of a kid that told me after a show, that we were not “post-hardcore” cause “Asking Alexandria is Post-hardcore and we don’t have breakdowns”, hahaha, so… what’s Post-Hardcore now? Where you put bands like Finch? Or, on the other hand, bands like Piano Becomes The Teeth? we don’t pay too much attention anymore. We just play what we like…

 Who are your biggest influences?

People who are willing to make a change in a fucked up world. Our parents, some of them who are still working hard everyday, our friends fighting for their dreams, our girlfriends and wives, mothers and sisters for all the inspiration. Real artists doing real things in a generic world, like Jacob Banon. People who gather the courage to escape from a destroyed country to start a living from 0, like our grandparents did, back in the war, and like most of my generation is doing right now. People who stand up for their own rights and don’t shut up.

What is your songwriting process? What goes into making and performing one of your pieces?

We don’t have one single way to make a song. Every song comes up from a different approach. Usually all starts with an idea been put in the table and, we take that idea home and work it by ourselves and, days later meet again to give shape to that original idea with all the things we have worked on our own. We take things out, discard others, give a form to others and that way the songs starts to have soul on its own. I usually work in my voice and lyrics on my own and then show the idea to the others. Recording this album was super heavy, we were all going through really hard times in our personal lives and its all reflected on the album. Also, we had the opportunity to work with a producer like Txosse Ruiz, at WheelSound Studio who is a really good and experienced producer, so obviously is also really demanding and and is always looking to take things to another level. So he really pushed our boundaries and pulled out the best of us. If you look at it, The songs are very organic and are free from a lot of compulsory ideas or social pressure of how it is supposed to sound a band like us. we did what we wanted in every way. There’s nothing behind us that would make us betray what we feel. We only do this because we love making music.

By Blanca Gemma (@Blanquinni)

What inspired the name, L’appel Du Vide and what does it mean?

Everything on this record is about trying to stay alive, About breathing under the storm. And about having the ability to see those rays of lights even when we are surrounded by death. I came across the term “L’appel Du Vide” and it was, automatically the perfect name to sum up the album.It doesn’t have a literal translation, its more of a phenomenon or a unconscious sensation or feeling. if you translate it literally it would be something like “the call of the void” but what goes behind that its what’s fascinating; that quick sensation when you’re in the top of the highest building, at the edge of the rooftop, and look down, and while contemplating the immensity of everything you ask yourself “what If I jump?”maybe don’t even asking it but just feeling it.Just for one second. automatically you think about something else, and, most of the times, you don’t even remember you thought about that, later on the day. That’s why I don’t relate it to an actual suicidal thought. Because its not like you’re actually thinking about jumping for the need of ending your life. Its a natural and really very primitive sensation that, if you look at it, can show us how much we really want to be alive. Is recognizing we could jump in the blink of an eye and not doing it, that shows us we are alive and we have a instinct of surviving. Of protecting ourselves. Is to recognize for a second that we are alive. and that fascinated me in the first place. How death can be at the services of life and actually help us seek the light.

What was the inspiration/reason behind this album? Was it for anyone or someone specifically?

 This album created itself… by itself… on its own terms. It has its own soul beyond us. Making music is our way to pour out everything that hunt us, our way to grow, to elaborate our darkness on a healthy way. it’s not about one person in particular, but more of a series of things that happened and changed me, or persons that crossed my life at some point and marked me, and things that im constantly struggling about, and singing helps me deal with those things, the same way playing those lines and melodies help my bandmates. They all feel related to every song and understand and embody those lyrics too. We all stand for the same thing. We needed to make this record or we we’re going to end up insane.”

What was the message that “Tendrils of Corruption” was attempting to portray?

“Tendrils” was a recreation of an actual phone call I received years ago by someone who was in my life for a brief period of time, and I rather not talk about it.

Why use French for “Tendrils of Corruption” when the rest of the album is in English?

The actual phone call was in french. She had French parents and lived for many years in France.

What was your favorite track in L’appel Du Vide, both to listen to afterwards and to perform?

Every track on “l’appel du vide” means something so personal and relevant in my life that it’s so hard to pick just one. But, If I have to choose, I think it would be “find me, fix me” it was the more challenging song to record because of whats behind the song and, also, its really fun to play live for its aggressiveness and that sensation of rapture. It gives me closure and I think it gives the audience a feeling of closure as well. I think if you follow the whole story behind the album, “find me, fix me” helps you to finish understanding everything.

What is the plan for Tress Will Tell in the future?

Play as many shows as we can. We’re now on tour, and would like to finish this tour, rest for few weeks and then go back on the road again to keep showing our music to as many people as possible. Bands like us are alive by contact. The only way we can exist on a world so full of constant information its to go straight into peoples faces, by playing shows or doing interviews with meaningful content and expressing as much as we can. is that or get lost in an ocean of audiovisual information smashed in our faces every second.

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