Pray for the Wicked
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If you were to describe Pray for the Wicked in 4 words, it would be Great Gatsby meets pop. I’m going to be 100% honest here, the only issue with this album is there are only 11 songs. The marketing surrounding the album from the pop up intimate shows to the billboards across the nation had the fandom on high alert for the upcoming release. Pray for the Wicked hit shelves and streaming services TODAY along for a music video for Hey Look Ma, I made it

The album starts with two familiar tracks, which were released when the album was first announced, (Fxxk A) Silver Lining & Say Amen (Saturday Night). When listening to the album for the first time in full I didn’t find myself skipping these songs even though I have listened to them more times than I would like to admit. You can think of it in comparison to a movie, you have to see the beginning to grasp the rest of it fully. The first thing you hear when you hit play on (Fxxk A) Silver Lining is To the old, and to the new // We dedicate this song to you. This makes my heart flutter a bit, proving the love Brendon has for his fans no matter when they actually got into the band. Say Amen, (Saturday Night) has the perfect balance of brass instruments and high notes. The music video is a Prequel to  This is Gospel from Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!, which is followed by Emperor’s New Clothes, effectively tying the three albums together.

The song Hey Look Ma, I made it is essentially the career of Brendon Urie, wrapped into a song. The lyrics Are you ready for the sequel? get me pumped for what is to come. Not only has Brendon Urie had extreme success with P!ATD, he also did a short run with Kinky Boots on Broadway. The next track, High Hopes was released about a month before the album dropped and is beyond inspirational. This quote from Brendon accompanied the song release; “I spent too long not setting my expectations high enough, worried about how it felt to fail. I hit a point when I realized I had to aim high and fail, fail, fail in order to keep growing. This one is for all of you who helped me go for it all. I thank you. ” If this isn’t your pick me up song, what are you doing?

Roaring 20’s is one of my favorite songs on the album. This was when I started to get confirmation of the Great Gatsby theme of the album. The secondary vocals done on this track give it such dimension. When I first saw the title Dancing’s Not a Crime was Footloose, because who wouldn’t? This song would make you dance even if it WAS a crime.  

King of the Clouds, which was released this week, and made it onto the album by the skin of its teeth. I love this song solely based on the music alone, the lyrics only added to it. This song received a lot of hype even before it released, and It exceeded my expectations.

Though 10/11 songs on the album have an upbeat feel to them, Brendon Urie has a tendency to sneak a “slower” song in (Death of Bachelor and the piano version of This is Gospel). By the time Dying in La came on, I was already in awe of the album. This song is one of the most powerful end tracks. The lyrics can be interpreted differently by each listener. This is one of the strongest things with Brendon Urie’s writing style, it speaks to more than one type of person. I had chills once the Vinyl stopped turning, and have chills now writing this.

Overall this album has 100% blown me away. Everytime Panic! At the Disco announces an album, I wonder how it will top the last, and every time it does. While the sound has transitioned far from AFYCSO, it hasn’t done so in a bad way. We are seeing more of Brendon’s personality in this album and personally, I cannot wait to see what else he does.