You guys have an incredibly energetic sound, what bands have influenced you in the process of making your music?

So many bands. For me, it was a lot of, like, All Time Low, Four Year Strong, and even bands like the Foo Fighters, stuff like that. So a lot of the energy in my voice comes from stuff like that. But, I mean, it even goes as far back as ‘80s hair metal bands and stuff like that.


Do you guys have a typical songwriting process?

I guess typically it starts with vocals first, for most of our tracks that are on the record, songwriting, in general, I would say is pretty free-form, but for most of the songs that you ended up hearing, all of them started basically a vocal-first platform, then we built that – as like a skeleton – built everything off of that. So, I guess. Yeah, it’s always in the studio.


Should we be expecting anything new from Makeout in like a sophomore album in the upcoming months, maybe in the next year?

No, our record’s only going to be a year old in September, so we still got a lot of touring to do.


Have you started writing it?

Yeah! We have a lot of ideas in the process, nothing really set in stone. We want to make sure it’s got a lot of love put in to it. Our first record took years for us to write, so I would expect the same thing.


How do you go about writing your lyrics?

Usually it’ll start with a conversation between all of us, and we’ll start hashing topics that we could talk about, like if it’s an issue that one of us is dealing with personally at the time that somebody else can vibe on, or if I’m just going through something myself, I’ll just take it upon myself to write a song, but usually it’s nothing that you can, I guess, write a formula out for necessarily, it’s all just kind of natural.


You guys are out on the final cross-country Warped Tour, what is your favorite memory so far?

My favorite set so far, was Hartford, Connecticut. That’s close to home, about as close to home as we can get without actually being home, tomorrow’s our home date, which I’m definitely looking forward to, but Hartford definitely turned up, that was a crazy set.We had a huge circle pit, the crowd was massive, everyone was into it, we all had a lot of friends there, it was a good time.


Do you have a certain band that you’ve caught like every day so far?

Don Broco!


Any other bands that you have recently started listening to because of the tour, or have gotten into?

I just happened to be walking by one day while Dayseeker was playing. Their vocal harmonies were so good, that’s literally why I stopped by. I heard their vocal harmonies from a distance and was like ‘they sound very good’ so I checked out their set.


We’ve talked about your sophomore album, possibly next year. Do you guys have any tours in the fall possibly coming up?

Nothing to be announced right now, but we’ll definitely be around before the end of the year.


This is the final Vans Warped Tour run cross-country, how are you guys feeling about it?

It’s been the best six weeks of my life so far.


Interview By: Mackenzie Featherman
Transcribed By: Dustin Danford
Questions By: Justin Kunz