For those who don’t know BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, they are a seven-member Korean boy band that have become incredibly popular in just a short period of time.  They are known for their K-pop music, but they have been known to produce songs of the hip-hop and R&B genres.  They formed about five years ago in the June of 2013 and signed on with Big Hit Entertainment.  Since then, BTS has released six albums, three Korean-language studio albums and three Japanese-language studio albums.  They have also won several New Artist of the Year awards and charted for the first time in the 2016 edition of Billboard Year-End charts.

While BTS has only been around for five years, they have created an incredibly large social media presence.  So large that they ended up winning the Top Social Artist Award in 2017 by receiving 300 million votes, becoming the first Korean group to win a BBMA.  Talk about a fan-favorite.  It is also these fans that allowed BTS to break a record, one that Taylor Swift previous held.

Released on the morning of August 24th, BTS posted their new music video titled “Idol” on YouTube.  With its upbeat and empowering lines like “you can’t stop me from loving myself”, not to mention that fact that it featured Nicki Minaj, “Idol” was practically made to be a hit.  The band was most likely expecting to receive similar reception as their previous music video, “Fake Love”, broke 30 million views in the first couple of days, but “Idol” surpassed even their expectations.  In the first 24 hours, “Idol” was viewed a mind-blowing 45 million times.  More than twice as much on the following Tuesday.

Such numbers are unprecedented in just one day.  People thought that Taylor Swift’s music video, “Look What You Made Me Do”, and its whopping 43.2 million views was impossible, but this takes the cake.  No other music video has been able to do such a thing.  Even the most popular videos on YouTube, including those from famous YouTube stars like Markiplier, hardly ever receive that many views in that short amount of time.  For a band to have such a devoted fanbase that a single music video could receive such a large reception  is a testament to the band’s popularity.

With the publication of its newest music video, BTS’ year has become that much better.  The band had already gotten to perform live during the recent Billboard awards and taken home the Top Social Artist award for a second time in a row, and now this.  BTS looks like they are having the best year since their creation and it’s all because of their legion of fans (who they lovingly call their ‘Army’).  In a way, BTS’ Army has done more for the band than the band has done for them.