Welcome to the Neighborhood | Boston Manor
CatchyTight Production
Lyrically Weak
5.0knows all the lyrics by heart

Boston Manor is back again. After multiple EP favorites and 2016’s critically acclaimed ‘Be Nothing’, the Blackpool based band has just released their sophomore record ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ to a swarm of eager ears.

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much. We’ve seen it before: a band releases an incredible first album but is unable to find the same success in later releases. Following up a well respected record is tricky, I assumed Boston Manor simply got lucky with ‘Be Nothing’. I didn’t have confidence that lightening could strike twice. But like many bands before them, they proved me wrong.

There’s something inherently different about this album. Right off the bat, I noticed the extraordinary and pristine production in this record. Starting off, synth patterns fade in before powerful instrumentals steal the focus in the albums opening and title track ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’. Throughout the next few tracks, the record gains momentum and calms down, racing through songs like ‘Flowers in Your Dustbin’ before slowing down in simpler tunes like ‘The Day That I Ruined Your Life’. Offering a unique balance between eerie & harmonic, Duel vocals are a common theme presented in many of the tracks on this album. This mirrors nicely with lyrics like ”I know who you’re running from, I’m sorry but you’re never gonna get far”.

This record is full of memorable hooks, catchy choruses and formidable instrumentation. While lyrically this album suffers, the consistent quality of the music more than makes up for it. 

Boston Manor has created an album that can be enjoyed across multiple genres. Real Friends and The 1975 fans alike will appreciate this release. ’Welcome to the Neighborhood’ is not one to sleep on. Keep your tour alerts are up to date, Boston Manor is currently touring the UK and the US. Check out the album on Spotify below.