The Silencer was started as a side project, what made you decide that you wanted to start a side project?

One of the most frustrating things that always seemed to be a reoccurring theme in the bands I was in over the years was that there would always be one or two members who would go against the grain and completely hinder the progress of everything everyone else was working so hard and sacrificing so much for. Eventually this would change the dynamic of the group collective and it was always so disheartening to me. I had left a band I was playing drums in for a multitude of reasons but didn’t want to stop playing music. I had looked to some of my hero’s like Chuck Schuldiner(Death), Dave Grohl(Nirvana/Foo Fighters) and Prince. What I noticed was how successful these artists were by doing everything on their own at the start. I realized that if I didn’t rely on other members hang-ups to seemingly sabotage a good thing when things were at their height than I might be able to continue making music and enjoy the process again. Needless to say starting The Silencer as a solo project certainly worked.

How has the band evolved since its creation?

Since the creation a lot has changed! Initially it was a solo project where I wrote and composed all the material on my own, and then would go into the studio to record all the instruments and vocals. Generally I would release a single once a year just to get out my own personal creativity. Then I released “Atonement.” It was at that moment that I decided I wanted to play live shows as The Silencer. I enlisted the help of Drummer Zaki Ali, Bassist Dave Goyette, and guitarist Steve Toth. They learned the song, we shot a music video and then I recruited guitarist Greg Guiler. A few months later we were opening for one of my favorite bands, 36 Crazyfists. Now we are all writing as a band, incorporating our different ideas and talents, performing shows and releasing music videos every 3 months. I’m so proud of the progress.

You are partnered with Artists United Against Bullying, so we understand that this is a subject very important to the band. What advice would you give to any fans who are being subjected to bullying from others?

Bringing awareness to the public regarding bullying and the impact it has on our youth is extremely important. Suicide, homicide, mental illness, and a slew of other drastic actions are all associated with children being bullied. When I created the music video for “Within” I had met up with my friend Peter Iwers (ex. In Flames/ Cyhra) and he asked if I’d like to lend my voice and become an ambassador for AUAB here in the US. He had seen how much the cause meant to me. I was happy to accept and have since helped get other artists involved like Brian Fair(Shadows Fall, Death Ray Vision, Hell Night, Downpour) and have been able to do a lot of press to enlighten people about the impact bullying has. My biggest piece of advice I can give anyone being bullied is to not be afraid of speaking up and let others know what is happening to you. That way others can get involved and help you. By you saying something you won’t only be helping yourself but you will also prevent others from being bullied in the future. I also believe that you should dive into your passion whatever that might be and take out any negative feelings in a more positive and constructive way. I know it might not be easy but I promise that by taking steps by saying something and doing what you love will eventually even things out for you. Most importantly, don’t give up! If nothing is being done regarding your situation than speak to someone else. Sometimes friends can only do so much. Sometimes going to someone higher up like parents, teachers, and law enforcement will make the difference.

How do you respond to negative comments and feedback online?

It really depends on the severity of the negative feedback. Luckily we haven’t received a whole lot of it but we do get our share. Typically I do actually respond back but what I do is kill em with kindness. When you don’t fight back and just say stuff like “thanks for taking the time to check us out,” that generally shuts them down. These are the type of people who are purposely looking to fight online. It’s a very strange world we live in these days. When you don’t feed into the fight you leave them powerless. When someone gets really out of hand I simply ignore it. At the end of the day, people are entitled to like or dislike whatever they want so who am I to deny them a platform to express themselves?

At the end of the music video for “Within,” the girl wakes up with the flowers that were thrown away at the beginning of the video. How would you describe what this means?

The flowers she wakes up to at the end are more metaphoric than physical. The flowers are supposed to represent that simple beauty and love she has in her life despite the bad things that were happening to her in the video. It represents this idea that no matter how horrible things might get, there is still something to hold on to, there are others who love you and to care for you so you can’t give up. She realizes this by waking up to the idea of the flowers that her boyfriend gave to her at the beginning of the video.

You’ve stated there’s another single and video coming out this month. What should we expect from that?

Our next single a music video will drop this October and is called “Die Trying.” I was approached by WWN/Evolve wrestling superstar Josh Briggs to write and record an entrance theme for him. I agreed to do so under the condition that I can make it a single for The Silencer. Initially, the Video was supposed to feature Josh and how badass he is in and out of the Ring but scheduling conflicts prevented this from happening. Instead, we just shot a really metal and badass performance video. The song is faster, heavier and more aggressive than “Within” so we added some visuals in the video to represent survival and this element of death stalking us. You can expect it to be more stripped down and back to the basic elements of what this band is all about. We will also have news following the release of “Die Trying” regarding a new single and video for a still unreleased track “I, Archaic” dropping this winter