Sad news music lovers.  On September 28th, Machine Head’s frontman, Robb Flynn, announced that the band, which has been around since 1991, would be splitting up and that their October tour would not only be their final one, but also a ‘celebration’.

This startling announcement came in the form of a Facebook Live video where Flynn announced that both Phil Demmel and Dave McClain, the band’s guitarist and drummer respectively, had expressed their desire to quit the band.  While this was a shock to both to him, Flynn said that he didn’t blame them.  In fact, he insisted that he was responsible for Demmel and McClain wanting to quit.

“We have grown apart as people,” Flynn explained in his video.  “Musically, we have grown apart.  I have held on too tight to the reins of this band and I have suffocated those guys.  I’ve got some rough edges – I’m kind of a barnacle.  Those rough edges have given us the success we have, but they’ve also hurt the people around me.”

He continued on by asking the fans to respect Demmel and McClain’s decision and listed the various things the duo have done to make the band better.  He went on to admit that he was scared of what would become of the band, even though Jared MacEachern, the band’s bassist, decided that he would stay.  He wishes to “do a little bit of soul-searching” to figure out what he wants to do with his own future, but he seemed reluctant to leave the band fully.

Despite the break-up, Flynn did confirm that Machine Head would still continue with their North American tour in October.  None of them wanted the band to end abruptly, it wouldn’t be fair to their fans.  Instead, they wanted to celebrate the legacy of Machine Head and the joy they brought to metal lovers everywhere.  “We have all agreed to make this a celebration of our music and this era of the band,” Flynn explained.

Since the announcement, fans everywhere have been taking the news in a variety of ways.  Some have accepted the members decisions and offer their full support while others, as expected, are less that thrilled.  However, regardless of whether or not you agree with the band’s decision, it is done.  There is nothing that can be done to change their mind.  All we can do is respect the band’s decision and enjoy them while they’re still here.