Like most people, I like to listen to music when I workout.  Not only does focusing on music help me to block out the strain put on my body is going, but it also pushes me beyond my own perceived limits, and this isn’t just my imagination.  It is actually a proven fact.  A study published in Sports, Exercise, and, Performance Psychology shows that music can encourage you ‘to exercise at an intensity that feels good for longer periods of time,’ meaning that there is tested proof that music can assist you in your workout.

Now, most people don’t really thing about scientific effects of music during their workout.  They just want to listen to what they want to listen to.  Plain and simple.  However, even if you don’t realize it, there are two key components that go through everyone’s head when they are making a music selection for their workout: intensity/tempo and motivational lyrics

As the aforementioned study stated, a music’s intensity can push the listener to match the music’s tempo in their own workout.  If you’ve ever been walking down the street, listening to music, you may find yourself walking in time with the tempo of the song you’re listening to.  Working out to music works under the same concept.  The more energetic the music, the more you’ll push yourself to match the same intensity.

Secondly, the lyrics of a song play a role that is just as important in a person’s selection as a song’s tempo.  For any workout, motivation is crucial.  You need to have a reason to want to put yourself through the pain and soreness that comes from working out.  Whether it is the desire to look like the actors on TV or the desire to be healthy, there is something that encourages a person to push themselves and listening to lyrics that play to that desire is a great way to keep yourself going.

Music is capable of a lot of things, and enriching your workout is another one of those things.  For me, rock, and sometimes rap, music tends to fulfill the requirements to be good workout music.  The genres’ versatile tempos that allow me to work out at varying degrees of intensity and the bands I typically listen to have rather motivational lyrics.  So, here are ten songs that are always on my playlist when I workout.  I hope you all get as much out of them as I do.

10. ‘Till I Colapse. Eminem

9. King Kong. DeStorm

8. Drag Me Down. One Direction

7. You’re Going Down. Sick Puppies

6. My Demons. Starset

5. Stronger. Emphatic

4. Undefeated. Skillet

3. Get Up. All Good Things

2. My Fight. From Ashes To New

1. The Mountain. Three Days Grace