Trench | Twenty One Pilots
Strong Concept
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Love them or hate them, Twenty One pilots is definitely a staple of modern day rock music. Following up their insanely successful record Blurryface, the duo has released their fourth album Trench to crowds of new and old fans alike.

The album begins with the catchy & rhythmic lead single Jumpsuit. Unfortunately, the energy of this song is lost over the next few tracks. While gaining their momentum back in the song ‘Chlorine’, 21P seems like they just may save this album afterall…but not so fast. After about the 6th track, the record begins to lose its charm. From there, there are occasional winners but overall the album 56 minute runtime of this record feels slow and dragged out. Its almost a miracle when the record finally ends with the track ‘Leave The City’.

I wish there was more to say about this record. Trench is just the failed result of Twentyone Pilots aiming for a more mature sound. They seem to cross the line from mature into boring at many points in this record. While Trench seems to have an exciting concept and lyrics to match, there’s just something not drawing me in.

I don’t believe Twenty One Pilots fans will be discouraged by this release, but I also don’t believe this will attract very many new fans. The singles showed us that Trench had great potential, but fell short on just about every front. This is not an album that will be remembered or will stand the test of time. Unless of course, future generations crave boring rap influenced rock music, in which case this album may have a fighting chance.