If you have been to a Panic at the Disco tour after the release of Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!, you know about the PATD Hearts Project. During Girls/Girls/ Boys the venus fills with rainbow colored hearts. If you haven’t seen this in person, you are truly missing out. This is an experience in itself. The craziest part is this isn’t orchestrated by the band or their crew but started by two girls, Eva & Briar. 

Before you started the heart project, did you know the real meaning behind the song? If not what was your reaction?

We did know the real meaning behind the song, but had assumed it was always just a rumor! In more recent interviews where Brendon disclosed the true meaning it was a little shocking to find out it wasn’t just a rumor. It’s odd to know that we added a new meaning to a song and changed the way it is viewed!

How do you feel about the reaction from the band and the fans?

The reaction is overwhelmingly amazing! It motivates and inspires us to keep this project going! We are elated to think that we have made all these people happy. It is just such an amazing, indescribable feeling What does the project mean to you as a whole?
It means acceptance for love. It creates a safe, loving environment for fans of all ages, and shows how much we all care for each other. It is empowering and inspiring to the fandom and means so much to all of us.

What prompted you all to start the heart project?

We absolutely love Panic! and we knew we wanted to show the band some love by creating a fan project, but we also wanted to find a way to unite the fandom and spread love to the other fans as well. We wanted to make an impact. And the best way was to create the hearts project! Did you ever think it would get as big as it has?
Not at all! The first time we did it in 2016, we wanted to make the project something that only occurred at the shows we went to. But after we saw the reactions of the band and other fans though, we decided to try and run the project for every show!

Have you run into any issues so far when setting up for the song?

Actually for the Death of a Bachelor tour, we almost got kicked out of the venue for passing out hearts! We were at the first show and the band hadn’t known about it, so the venue had rules about handouts. Thankfully the band got word of the project and allowed us to continue. Since then this hasn’t been much of an issue but it has happened at other shows thanks to panic’s security Zack Hall!

What would you say the hardest part of setting this all up is?

It is extremely difficult to pass out 15,000 hearts in less than an hour before the show starts, but all the volunteers try their best to get it done and we are so proud of how every show has turned out!

What does the song mean to you?

To us it is just a song of pure acceptance and love! It means exactly what it says, Girls love Girls and Boys! It’s just a fact of life and showing that us fans care about the song and the meaning we have created for it, says a lot about this fandom!

Do you have any future plans to amp up the hearts project?

Of course! We are always trying to make the project bigger and better and we hope we can continue to do so! But for now, we’ll keep our ideas a surprise for the future! You’ll just have to keep an eye out!