-Anon. | Hands Like Houses
Each song conveys a great energy throughout the albumOne of their most diverse written albums to date
Second half of the record is weaker than the first halfA lot of songs feel like theirs a missing element in handful of the songs
3.0I'd play it on guitar hero

When an artist feel like they’ve reached a certain height of success with a release they believe that they can’t do more, or how can they top themselves without draining themselves creatively. Aussi natives Hands like Houses are in this predicament with their 2016 they put out Dissonants which came out left field, in an interview with lead singer Trenton Woodley stated it was something very different than they’ve ever done before and it showed- incorporating screams blended with HLH signature atmospheric sound which they honed in with their last two releases Ground Dweller and the critically acclaimed Unimagine. Now two years have passed and a switch of record labels the quintet are back with their fourth full length: Anon with the intent of showing off that they’re able to try things that they’re not accustomed too.

Anon starts off with Kingdom Come which basically is already dramatically different than anything else, even Dissonants. The inclusion on experimental sounds that is basically the tone of the record itself, they don’t shy away from having these strange sounding songs like Sick and Through Glass. Immediately after is the perfectly titled Monster which they showcased late summer and was met with some mix reaction, however after listing to a few times you can help but blasting it. Being the fastest song it hits with punch after punch especially with the chorus it grabs you and throws from wall to wall. Overthinking is what you show someone who has never heard of the band before, it has all the ingredients that make an HLH song meaning it’s got an atmospheric sound with a more polished tone, all in all, its one the best songs off their fourth LP. Another single that makes the band different than most others in the genre is Titled at first listen it sounds a tad bit off but once the chorus comes it makes up for the slow start. The arena venue style chorus shows Woodley isn’t afraid to flex in vocal muscles and pays off near the end.

The album isn’t all sun shines and daisies but it’s pretty close to it, the second half after Through Glass is slightly weaker you can hear them trying to capture the essence that made Dissonants great, maybe it was an accident or not. Songs like Bad Dream and No Man’s Land throw the album off because each song basically shares the same energy but those two stand out not as good or bad songs just in the middle and feel like it’s missing something. Stripping everything away from the record, Anon is not their best work but it’s close, this experimenting and industrial tone will be welcoming to old fans but unlike Dissonants it may capture new fans, however Hands Like Houses are great and shifting their sound and I wouldn’t be surprised LP number five is a mixture of Dissonants and Anon.