On September 23, 2018, Niall Horan and Maren Morris wrapped up their 38 date US run on the Flicker World Tour. The closing night of tour was the 81st show for Horan, as his world tour began on March 10, 2018. 

Maren Morris opened the show with a setlist consisting of 10 songs. She performed as the sun was setting, and the half-full amphitheater was full of cheers and screams from fans, ranging from children to young adults. Morris holds the title of a Grammy, and while I’d never heard any of her songs before, other than The Middle, she is totally deserving of that award. Her vocals were impeccable live given the setting, and she put on a spotless final performance at the amphitheater. Many knew her songs and sang along, but once she reached the closing track – you guessed it – The Middle, the screams erupted louder than ever. Those in the venue overpowered Morris as she sang her final song, and made for a perfect ending moment of tour. The fans could be heard singing along as far as the parking lot. Her setlist was put together accordingly, as the tracks she performed weren’t tailored toward a country crowd. She had people out of their seats dancing and singing with their friends as the minutes ticked down to the One Direction star’s performance.

When it was time for Horan to take the stage, his lighting hung center stage and read “NH,” preparing the fans for a sight to see once illuminated. The clock hit 9:30 and the amphitheater went dark, sending fans into a screaming frenzy. Although the venue was half full, it sounded far from that. Horan opened his set with one of his radio hits, “On The Loose,” which I was surprised to hear so early on in the set. I wasn’t familiar with either act’s songs, with the exception of what plays on the radio, so I was pleasantly surprised to know two of the three songs during the first three. “This Town,” Horan’s debut single, was the third song he performed, where fans brought out their phones and illuminated the venue with their flashlights. Nearly every song Horan performed, he was overpowered by the fans that had been waiting a year for this show to finally come to their city. I’ve never heard a crowd that loud in a very long time, and it was refreshing to see how dedicated fanbases can be. Of course, every artist has screaming fans as soon as they walk out on stage, but it’s rare that I witness fans singing so loud that it’s hard to hear the artist. Regardless, what I did hear of Horan’s performance, he too sounded just as good, if not better, than his produced tracks sound. The show was a great end to the string of summer concerts that graced the South Florida region.