The Skeptic: Tilian
Fantastic guitar workAwe-Inspiring VocalsCovers a wide range of emotions
5.0Knows All The Lyrics By Heart

Most people who know Tilian Pearson know him through Dance Gavin Dance, who has skyrocketed in popularity since his era as their vocalist began. A few months after releasing a near-perfect album with them in the form of Artificial Selection, Tilian has presented us with more new music in the form of The Skeptic, the third full-length and fifth overall release from his solo project. 

Cutting straight to the point here- The Skeptic is one of the best pop albums of the last few years. There’s not really anything bad about it, so let’s cut straight to the positives. Tilian gives one of his best vocal performances to date, with songs such as “Right Side,” “Made of Plastic,” and “Hold On” being a wonderful showcasing of his vocal talent. Something Tilian has said about the album is that it was written to be more guitar-oriented musically than electronic-oriented like much of today’s pop. The result is an album that has many beautiful guitar rhythms and angelic vocal deliveries that music really desperately needs right now. 

Do yourself a favor and listen to this record. I hate calling anything perfect, but this is as close to perfect as anything can get. If you like pop music, you’ll like The Skeptic. I

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