Evolution | Disturbed
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Disturbed’s seventh studio album titled Evolution truly lives up to its name which, after over twenty years of music, is only natural.  While this album continues the tradition of Disturbed’s ‘classic sound’ (pulsing electronics, fierce vocals, and explosive instrumentals), there is something different within.  Something that showcases the growth the band has gone through over the years, allowing them to create what can be considered, at least in my opinion, their most diverse album to date.

Opening the album is “Are You Ready” serves almost as a reminder of what the band was prior to Evolution as the song displays the the characteristics of the band’s ‘classic sound’.  In all honesty, “Are You Ready” sounds like it could  have come from any of Disturbed’s other albums.  The same can be said for the album’s next track, “No More”, which does have a lighter side to it, despite its politically charged lyrics.  It’s not until the album’s third track that an audible shift in the album’s sound can be heard.

“A Reason To Fight” is a hop, skip, and a jump from Disturbed’s typical sound.  Stylistically, it reminds me of the cover Disturbed did for “Sound of Silence” . Instead of the intense drumbeats and electric guitar, the track starts with acoustic and soft vocals that makes David Draiman, lead vocalist of the band, seem vulnerable.  The opening lines, “I won’t give up so don’t give in.  You’ve fallen down but you can rise again,” practically reeked of desperation and confidence, displaying more emotion than I have ever heard in any of the band’s past works.

The band uses a similar delicate and heartfelt style in “Hold On to Memories”, whose lyrics tell the audience to remember those that you have lost and make the most of your life as they would want, as well as “Watch You Burn” and its surprisingly uplifting  melody, despite the title.  The latter of the two does fall back into a more intense rhythmic segments during the chorus, but it is noticeably more subdued than the music Disturbed typically produces.

Furthermore the second to last track, “Already Gone” continues this trend with its light instrumental and vocals, displayed in a lamenting and mournful manner that tugs at the heart.  Each of these tracks showcase the growth and the change Disturbed has gone through to get where they are now as well as show the path the band is taking for the future.

Stepping back to the social aspect of the album, there are several clear messages that the band tries to convey to their audience.  The lines of “In Another Time”, “when the world was more than what we see online,” expresses a fear of losing our humanity to technology, something that has been a hot topic for years now.  “Stronger On Your Own” tells the audience to be more self-reliant while, in contrast, “Savior of Nothing” cautions the listener to not become too consumed by your fight lest you turn into the very thing you’re fighting against.

For a band that has had the same sound for over two decades, it refreshing to know that they are still able to evolve.  Whether or not you like the new direction the band is taking, you have to commend the band for their ability to change after so long.  Evolution, without a doubt, is the band’s most diverse album, both stylistically and lyrically.  It contains both sounds of the band’s past and their future, creating something that everyone of their fans can enjoy.  If this is the direction Disturbed is going, I can’t wait to see what they do next.