You Me At Six has been a band now for 14 years. What has been your favorite moments so far as a band and why?

It has been a rollercoaster that’s for sure. My favorite moment so far would probably be achieving a UK Number One album. It’s nice to see that guitar music can still battle it out in the charts.

You recently released your record VI to pretty outstanding reviews. What influences did you bring into the studio to record this record?

We took influence from so many places it would be hard to pin down. Our main theme for the record was leaving the door open to any and every possibility when it came to writing the songs. We have always been a band that has enjoyed incorporating many different styles into our work. We don’t like being pigeon-holed into a certain genre as we feel it can be limiting for our writing. We always keep the fundamentals of what we think people like about You Me At Six there so that it’s not too far from what people have grown to love about our band. 

How would you say that VI differs from your previous 5 albums?

I think it’s us really showing what we can do. On our previous efforts, especially early releases, I think our age and inexperience did show through. At the age of 28-30 right now I think we have grown into much better writers. In the past, we may have jammed some ideas and put them down because we thought it may not fit with a certain theme or sound we were going for. On this record, if it felt good to us five then we went with our gut instinct. 

What is your favorite song on VI and why?

It changes quite often as we are always playing new songs but I think right now it would have to be “Straight to my Head.” It’s a real anthem and I cannot wait to play it live. I think we really captured a sense of euphoria with that song.

You are touring the UK and Europe before hitting North America in 2019. Do you have something different planned for the U.S. shows?

We always change up our sets between tours as it keeps it interesting for us as performers and for fans who may have seen us on another date. We try and bring as much energy as we can into our live shows, so America can expect a wild ride. 

After your North American tour in early 2019, what does the future hold for YouMe At Six? Anything your fans should look out for?

We are currently planning other worldwide touring for 2019. I’d love to get backout to Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia. We will also be hitting Summer festival season pretty hard. 

What are you listening to right now? Is there any artist you are currently obsessed with?

I try and change it up quite often as there is so much good stuff coming out. I’m jamming that new Twenty One Pilots record and Empire Of The Sun quite a lot recently. Also getting quite into some dance music. 

Does anyone in the band have some unpredictable hobbies?

I donno about unpredictable hobbies but we are all into keeping fit. I mountain bike, skateboard and hit the gym often. Josh is currently getting into boxing and everyone plays football quite a lot. Got to keep that body moving!

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