Alex Roth


Famous Monsters | The Psyatics

The Psyatics' Famous Monsters is a genuine attempt at a rock 'n' roll revival, full of fierce guitar and unhinged vocal melodies. Where the album succeeds is in...

No Gods No Loss | Sterile Jets

Sterile Jets' is a noise-rock band from Long Beach California. Their latest album No Gods No loss is a soundtrack to a chaotic stroll down a path full of insomniac hallucinations. Before completely disregarding what the rest of the review has to say ...

Dirt | King Ropes

     Dirt, King Ropes' debut album is a raw and visceral representation of life in a rugged rural town. Easily the driving force of emotion behin...

Frame of Mind | Sam Levin

Frame of Mind is everything you would expect from an indie-pop artist, simple and quirky songwriting with some variation from the mainstream. There are a bunch ...

Alien Angel Super Death | Verena von Horsten

Verena von Horsten is if the authentic and honest vocalization of Bjork fused with the pop sensibility of Lady Gaga, into one being. Alien Angel Super Death, the solo artist's latest full length release, is a dark synth-rock journey; reflecting on a ...

Alex Roth

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Hi, I am Alex Rothenberg from Long Island. I recently graduated Baruch College with a degree in Journalism. I have some hobbies, not too many, but a decent amount, enough to keep life interesting ya know?. Anyways... those hobbies include; playing in my progressive rock band, writing, web design, craft beer and The Office.