D.J. Adams


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Let me first start off by saying that Spider-Man Homecoming is a must see movie.  Not to insult Sony, but Marvel blew the other Spider-Man movies out of the wat...

Wonder Woman Soundtrack

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman has set a high standard for all upcoming DC films.  It has created a character, and a movie, that has broken through the dull, overplayed, and, at times, plot-holed standard that the past DC movies (excluding the Dark Kn...

After Laughter | Paramore

After Laughter, Paramore's first album after the return of drummer Zac Farro, represents a change from the bands usual pop punk and rock music style to a more a...

D.J. Adams


My name is Dexter, though I go by D.J. I’m from Dayton, Ohio and, as an aspiring novelist, I love writing. I have a passion for music, hence what drew me to Amped Sound, and I enjoy researching the lesser known sciences and myths revolving around music. I recently graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from Ohio Wesleyan University and I hope to further my writing ability alongside my fellow journalists. When I am not researching topics for my articles, I write works of fiction in hopes to one day become a published author. I enjoy the rock and metal genres, my favorite bands being Skillet, From Ashes to New, and Bring Me the Horizon.