Danielle Rhew

Gabbie Hanna Releases Debut song “Out Loud”

Most of us know Gabbie from either Vine (RIP) or YouTube as The Gabbie Show. She is known for her story telling skills and enthusiasm that make her videos enjoyable to watch. Fresh off of her announcement about her new book, Adultolescence, Gabbie ha...

Amped Sound Exclusive: Face Value Studio Report

On day #1, the tall, lanky rhythm section of Face Value left the beautiful La Quinta Inn and ventured to Always Be Genius Studio in Crown Point, Indiana. They had no idea what to expect. Greeted by a 3-legged dog and her companions, Grayson and Jerem...

Danielle Rhew


Danielle is the definition of an entrepreneur, from a young age starting up small businesses to pass time and eventually pay her way through senior fees, Danielle wanted to renew her love of photography and music so she became as a staff photographer for Music Junkie Press. After a little experience, she then branched off into developing Ampedsound.net. Her other hobbies include creating custom shirts and clothing and documenting life one picture at a time. In spring 2019 she will be graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Communication/Advertising from Appalachian State University.