Danielle Rhew

What’s the Difference: Festivals vs Venues

Warped Tour or a headlining show in New York City? Soundwave or an outdoor stage set in Brisbane? Festivals or venue shows- how do you define the differences and how to prepare for each? Is one better than the other? Well, that I cannot answer ...

Go Down In History EP- Four Year Strong

Released: July 22, 2014/Pure Noise Check Out: What’s in the Box? Go Down In History   Truly some of my favorite songs that Four Year Strong have released, Four Year Strong came out swinging with this EP. With heavy guitar rifts...

House Party Tour Review

When House Party Tour was announced I was beyond ecstatic, the line up was solid and I not only knew every band but also loved them very much. I Had never seen The Wonder Years  live, so I had no clue what to expect of them. Dan Campbell as a very...

Danielle Rhew


Danielle is the definition of entrepreneur, from a young age starting up small businesses to pass time and eventually pay her way through senior fees, Danielle wanted to renew her love of photography and music so she became as a staff photographer for Music Junkie Press. After a little experience, she then branched off into developing Ampedsound.net. Her other hobbies include Bath Bomb Alchemy and documenting life one picture at a time. Starting Fall 2017 she will be on the fast track to a Bachelors Degree in Communication/Advertising from Appalachian State University.