Danielle Rhew

Local Feature Friday: Skyward Story

Genre: Pop Rock Location: Baltimore FFO:5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, One Direction   Baltimore pop rock trio Skyward Story has an undeniable and captivating spirit. That spirit is easy to see in their genuine and dynamic performa...

Local Feature Friday : InbetweeN

Location: Slidell, LA Genre: Groove/Metal/Funk/Rock/Flow FFO:Deftones, Citizen, Red Hot Chili Peppers Four coincidental encounters with a groovy soul that will drown you in a river of silver eels, and entangle you in a web that encapsulates the th...

Danielle Rhew


Danielle is the definition of an entrepreneur, from a young age starting up small businesses to pass time and eventually pay her way through senior fees, Danielle wanted to renew her love of photography and music so she became as a staff photographer for Music Junkie Press. After a little experience, she then branched off into developing Ampedsound.net. Her other hobbies include creating custom shirts and clothing and documenting life one picture at a time. In spring 2019 she will be graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Communication/Advertising from Appalachian State University.