Kyle Kohner


“Boo Boo” | Toro Y Moi

Chaz Bear (fka Chaz Bundick) under the stage name Toro Y Moi, continues to endure the short-lived success of the chillwave phenomenon of the early 2010s with hi...

Five Essential Albums to Dream Pop

Dream pop is a genre that lives and dies by iridescent tones and lush textures. Vocals are usually drenched with reverb and deluged by wispy instrumentation, then produced with an elegance that deters between a slumbered and wakened state. With dream...

Crack-Up | Fleet Foxes

While Fleet Foxes’ first two records branded listeners with hook-driven compilations of embers smoldering from campfire sing along jubilation, their latest rele...

Ti Amo by Phoenix

Ever since the inauguration of the 21st century, frontman Thomas Mars and the French band Phoenix have made it a habit of devising collections of lustrous synth...

Gone Now | Bleachers

Singer Songwriter and sought after producer Jack Antonoff appears to have finally reached personal fulfillment with his sophomore LP “Gone Now,”  the follow-up to his debut album “Strange Desire.”   When Antonoff unleashed his monumental ...

Kyle Kohner

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Hello there, my name is Kyle Kohner from San Bernardino, Calif. and I am a current journalism student at Biola University. I am a self-proclaimed film buff and a music addict which translates into my passion for writing. I am a huge ‘90s rap aficionado who will argue Tupac is the greatest rapper of that era over the Notorious B.I.G. Aside from being a huge rap fan, I am an avid dream pop and new wave consumer and can be found listening to the likes of M83, The Cure and New Order.