Marie Shafer


Marie Shafer

Former Contributor

As a child Marie has always had a passionate love for music. Starting out in musical theatre at the age six, she quickly became interested in music production. By the age of twelve she was developing her skills as a sound engineer in her home studio and spending much her days at Strawberry Skys Recording Studio in Columbia, SC. In her twenties, she fronted several bands ranging from country to progressive rock, often writing and playing her own original music. Today she is an editor of several technical books and online articles.

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A message from the Editor/Founder of Amped Sound, Danielle

Hello everyone! I have an announcement to make that pains me greatly. Amped Sound will be taking a hiatus. Over the last 4 years, we have had a blast providing you content on your favorite bands, and being where you go to get your Warped Tour setlists. I never thought that Amped would grow to what it has, and that wouldn't have happened without the fans and our wonderful staff. This isn't an end for us, just a break to let us all breath and rebuild AS to what we want it to be. Any content that was already scheduled for the rest of the year will be posted as such. Thank you to everyone who has believed in us, and put for the effort to help make Amped Sound what it has become. We will see you soon. Subscribe below to be notified of future updates from us.