Maxwell Heilman


Palace | Sideshow Cinema

DC Hardcore was there when no one else was, churning out some of the movement’s best music in the 1980s when the world thought punk rock died after its initial ...

Erase Me | Underoath

Florida Sextet Underoath emerged from the Christian metalcore underground in 2004 with landmark emocore album They’re Only Chasing Safety. 2006’s Define the Great Line saw them develop their sound with unorthodox heaviness, while the added harshness ...

Abated Mass of Flesh just can’t Stop

Remember when Impending Doom basically played brutal death metal with breakdowns? What if they stayed that way and added slams into the mix? The result would more or less be Tennessee quintette Abated Mass of Flesh. If the name already sounds wordy e...

All Smiles | Sworn In

In the so-called nu deathcore movement, Sworn In operate similarly to 1999 Slipknot (despite their Linkin Park cover) by taking angst, melodrama and antisocial ...

Maxwell Heilman


Hey there! My name’s Max, and I hold up the more extreme end of music here at Amped Sound. I’m from Long Beach, California, and fell in love with music from an early age due to growing up in a home full of instruments and tunes. I’m just about done with my four years at Biola University in La Mirada, California, from where I will leave with a BA in Journalism. When I’m not loving my dog to death, I spend a little too much time on the internet finding new bands and obsessing over obscure music genres. From dungeon synth to power violence, I’m game for anything! Just give me a cup of black coffee and I’m all set!