Michelle Harris


Close to hitting the 24 year mark in her life, Michelle is a tattooed, camp loving, music maven. 90s Grunge & Alternative and Issues are two of her favorite Pandora stations. Finding her love for music at a young age, Michelle has used music to cope and battle depression, anxiety and the death of her mother. “I want to save people through music the way music saved me” has been her motto since she decided to change course in life from Fine Arts – Photography to aiming her life towards music hoping eventually to be a Tour Manager. Collecting vinyl records, eating way too many dill pickle chips and making corny Harry Potter references, as well as becoming a dinosaur expert are a what make up the multi-faceted Michelle. Catch her jamming to Highly Suspect, K. Flay, Mod Sun, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, and State Champs.