Nathan Porter


Hot Thoughts | Spoons

Daring to deliver a formidable follow-up to 2014’s career-defining comeback They Want My Soul with anything less than yet another prestigious leap-forward throu...

Just To Get Through To You | Hit The Lights

Ohio-based pop-punkers, Hit the Lights just dropped the rousing follow-up EP to 2015’s excellent, Summer Bones.  Aptly-titled Just To Get Through To You, the 6-track EP offers a unique culmination of reworked, retooled, and revisited songs from their...

Nathan Porter

Former Contributor

While his interests diverged, exploring alternative sources of creative expression, namely: literature, film, and theatrical arts, music was never far from his frame of reference. Once high-school graduation came to fruition, Nathan set-out for Nashville, Tennessee to begin college at Middle Tennessee State University. Starting as a music-production major, Nathan was also enrolled at Nashville State Community College where he earned his technical certificate in music technology, helming a burgeoning interest in the recording industry. After a summer-internship just south of Nashville at a local-recording studio known as Darkhorse, Nathan decided a paradigm-shift was in order as he pursued a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. Once the transition was secure, Nathan sought to fuse his ever-growing knowledge of the world in music and recording with that of his journalistic skill-set.