Nina Donoghue

Mood Hopping in Hippyland: An Interview with Mod Sun

The line outside of Brooklyn Bazaar is loud and tie-dyed. The harsh frigidity of the night is broken by joints being lit, raucous laughter, and the recitation of mantra-like rap verses. Inside the venue, girls weather the long bathroom lines by passi...

Talking Evolution and Exposure with Hello, Atlantic

How is the music scene in Providence, and how did you find your place in it? It’s a really artsy area, were you inspired by other bands and artists in the city? The Providence music scene is fantastic. We’ve all made friends with so many other bands...

Nina Donoghue


Nina is a music journalist who loves reading horoscopes and pretending she's a talented banjo player. She hails from Connecticut, the concert-less state cursed to be the musical no-man's land between New York and Boston. Thus, she became dedicated to bringing vivid and honest music coverage to fans across the country. At age 17, she founded her site Golden Audio Music, and began interviewing prestigious alternative acts such as PVRIS, Flyleaf, and Frank Iero (formerly of My Chemical Romance). Now, at 21, she is working her way up the music industry ladder in hopes of leaving her mark. She loves finding out what makes musicians tick, and delving into their music in innovative ways. In her spare time, she works tirelessly to perfect the art of the grilled cheese.