Raza Malik


-Anon. | Hands Like Houses

When an artist feel like they've reached a certain height of success with a release they believe that they can't do more, or how can they top themselves withou...

Starters Guide to Synthwave Music

Electronic music, much like other genres have sub-genres like House, Hardstyle and the popular Dubstep which are all very well known in the mainstream. However ...

Hard Feelings | Bless The Fall

Since 2004 with their then singer Craig Mabbitt, Blessthefall have made a splash in the scene and continue to assert their presence today. Even with a slight line-up change, the metalcore veterans continue to push themselves with heavier and even mor...

Evolution of the Half-Time Show

During its early years, the Super Bowl wasn't as exciting nor did it gather a lot of attention as it does today so the prestigious Half Time Show wasn't big eit...

M A N I A | Fall Out Boy

During the late 2000's, the Chicago based band Fall Out Boy ruled the airwaves and top 40 music video channels with their teen-emo anthems like “Thks Fr Th Mmrs...

Keep The Coffins Coming | Frank Iero and The Patience

After the breakup of My Chemical Romance in early 2013, guitarist Frank Iero has been keeping busy keeping his craft alive and well. Since the disbandment of MCR and even before Iero has dabbled in punk scene with acts like Leathermouth and Pencey Pr...

Coming Home | Falling in Reverse

Falling in Reverse has met their fair share publicity whether it’s good or bad; it’s something they kind of strive off of. Led by the controversial but prominen...

Queen of Heaven | The Traditional

Being in an emo band nowadays is something nostalgic, from 2005 to 2010 emo bands dominated the scene, albeit they all sounded familiar kids where digging it. Now we’re in 2017 where emo bands are somewhat what making a comeback From First to Last re...

Raza Malik


Hey, my names Raza, I’m obsessed with sushi and video games and of course music if you ask me anything about those topics I will not stop and you’ll question yourself onto why you even bothered. I’m currently going to school for Journalism and getting my post grad done but this is a great starting point for me, I’m also a media guru give me anything that has to do with Photoshop or stuff like that and ill make the craziest things ever.