Taylor Turner

5 Bits of Help for the Do It Yourself Bands

Being a DIY artist can be hard these days. As record labels quickly minimize their artist development efforts, bands have to gain significant followings all on their own before a label will even look at them. Although some people want to be signed to...

How do we like music now?

With the sudden onslaught of sexual abuse allegations all over the entertainment industry, it has become very hard to trust anyone now. For example, bands like Brand New, Pinegrove, and With Confidence have all had members that have been outed for se...

What If Nothing | Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon is an indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The band was started in 2006, and the current members are lead vocalist and keyboardist Nicholas Petr...

Taylor Turner


Hello there, my name is Taylor. I am pursuing a degree in popular music with a business minor at William Paterson University. I love writing, and I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I am obsessed with alt rock and indie music, and Paramore is my favorite band. I've been a musician forever, and I intend to always make music a part of my life! I am a huge nerd and have been to Comic Con 5 times, and my favorite anime is My Hero Academia.